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Restrictions Apply

  • Request Information from our Reservations Department.
  • The pre-payment discount applies only to the base rate.
  • Discounts vary by city and season without prior notice.
  • No aplica del 15 de Diciembre del 2020 al 12 de Enero del 2021.
  • In case of cancellation, a 10% charge will be made on the amount paid.
  • In case of not making the reservation effective (No Show), a 20% charge will be made on the amount paid.
  • The Credit Card with which you will make your pre - payment must be presented physically at the time of opening your rental contract and must have sufficient funds for the pre-authorization required for signing the contract, the credit card must have the signature of the cardholder itself, which must be the same as that set out in the contract itself, either as the main driver (direct contractor) or as an additional driver of the unit to be rented. For more details on our prepayment policy, see our Rental Policies section.
For More Information:
Dial the following numbers for free for more information:
From MEX: 800-737-3722
From USA: 1-855-3722-639
Our business hours are: (Pacific Time)
Monday to Saturday: 08:00 to 20:00 hrs.
Sunday: 08:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Explore Ciudad de México with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Mexico City, Imposing, beautiful, giant, colorful, full of life, with a unique architecture. Everything you can imagine you can find in the capital of Mexico, a city with a forest in its center, castles, skyscrapers, colonial buildings, history, mountains, food, culture, colors and smells, that will certainly leave any traveler breathless.

It is one of the destinations that visitors from around the world enjoy most, ideal for exploration from end to end, filled with historic, bohemian passages, impregnated with tradition. In Mexico City you will find a diverse world, from wrestling matches to baroque palaces and thousands of cultures that converge in this metropolis.

The main sites of interest full of folklore and modernity that you can find throughout this city are the Angel of Independence, a place you must visit and admire; the Monument to the Revolution, an architectural work and mausoleum dedicated to the commemoration of The Mexican Revolution; Palacio de Bellas Artes, a cultural center full of magic located in the historic city center; Chapultepec Castle, which was the home of Mexican royalty in the past, located at the top of the city; the Basilica of Guadalupe, a sanctuary of the Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Your trip will not be complete without making a visit to the trajineras, offering water rides through music, party, food, drink and possibly the best Mexican night of your life, the chinampas, or floating gardens, and the folklore of Xochimilco. 

¡For these reasons we invite you to rent a car and discover this great city that will leave you breathless wherever you visit!

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